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What is your version of success? Words of wisdom from skid row.

from bottom to top

the series

From Bottom to Top is a ‘bite size’ documentary series that shares words of wisdom from the heart of Skid Row. Artists from Studio 526 skid row based arts program in Los Angeles, sat down with guest artists; musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, directors and discussed the lows and highs of being an artist.

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From Bottom to Top is a ‘bite size’ documentary series, which aims to bring a new form of inspiration to you, at a very basic humanitarian level. We look beyond the art that inspires you, to the artist behind it and get to the core of what makes us tick, what makes us human. No matter our circumstances, where we sit with life’s challenges, we believe we are all connected by the same passions and dreams

Be it a Musician from Skid Row, an Art Student, an emerging Director or an acclaimed A-List Actor or Writer. From Bottom to Top explores what connects us and in turn inspires us. Through this docu-series we will uncover the core passions that drive us all as we pair up artists of differing backgrounds to interview each other, drawing from 20 identical passion based questions. Each episode will share lively conversations between emerging and celebrity artists; comedians, actors, directors, painters, dancers, musicians and writers, along side a Skid Row artist, in passionate ‘one on one’ conversations.

Think, your dose of humanity in the vein of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ , Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ crossed with the powerful impact of ‘Humans of New York’.

We wish to thank The People Concern and their Arts Program. To learn more visit

Our guests include, Actress and Director Emma Bell Scratch, The Walking Dead, Dallas with Musician Franc Foster of Franc’s Melting Pot, Indie folk Singer Songwriter Sunny War with DJ “Sir Oliver”, Painter and Artist Linda Leigh with Actress Jaime Slater Daredevil, Actress Alyson Reed High School Musical with Artist Hugo Gonzalez, Comedian and Actress Amy Anderson with Actress and Singer Christina C. Urban Voices Choir, LA Poverty Department Theatre Co, Artist and Filmmaker Vicki Maturo with genre Director Mike Mendez Don’t Kill It, Masters of Horror, Dancer and Choreographer Essence Florie with Painter and 3D artist Garrison A., and Artist Antonio Holguin with veteran Singer, Producer and Performer dubbed The Ambassador of Soul Ellis Hall Jr.




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